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  • Karate gi Tokaido in established quality – high quality down to the smallest detail. The Ultimate is an excellent all-around suit for demanding karatekas.
  • Traditional cut. Long sleeves, long trousers and short skirt. . In this suit, you feel comfortable by Kumite and Kata, it is ideal for universal demands.
  • Heavyweight. Very durable and tear resistant.Multiple stitched and reinforced seams.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • The pants with traditional drawstring. The TOKAIDO waistband means maintenance and reliable hold, without having the feeling of being constricted.
  • Free of advertising. The suits, suitable for traditional dojos and training courses, are free of advertising or logos on the jacket back / neck and chest. There´s only one label on the jacket and pants.
  • JKA embroidery.
  • The package includes jacket and pants.

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